We understand that going to the dentist has always been identical with negative terms. Painful – Ever since we were young, our biggest concern to go to the dentist is to experience many terrifying things, such as extractions, “drilling”, or “wired”. Takes forever – After waiting for a long time, dental treatment usually takes more than an hour. Very dreadful and boring, considering it’s for something quite unpleasant. Expensive – This one you might just found out after you’re an adult. The cost for dental treatments are far from cheap, then we regret that we didn’t take care of our teeth properly at home.

But in identalcare, we dare to guarantee you that you do not need to carry the burden of those three reasons into your appointment with us. The dentists in our clinic have committed to help you to achieve and maintain the most healthy and beautiful smile. Our goal is to provide the best convenience and quality for your dental treatment, you will feel very convinient by our treatment.

We also believe that the most important thing is to educate our patients, and promise to deliver your symptoms, medication options, and recommendations from us. We will work together with you, to construct and plan the best treatment in accordance to your requests, needs, and convenience. Trust us when we say, we have the excellent capability and trained in various fields of dentistry, there are no dental problems that we cannot solve.

Welcome to our clinic. Welcome to your clinic. identalcare.