About Us

Anywhere in the world, going to the dentist is considered an activity that is too hard to do. The obvious reasons would be various. You already fear for the pain and the long hours of work done on your teeth. Or waiting for that dreadful line until it’s your turn. Or maybe –probably the ultimate reason- the expensive cost for dental treatments. Drg Sabai Asmaraghrya realized all the social stigma towards going to the dentist. That was when she started to grow her very simple dream: to open a dental clinic that is ‘fear free’.

After two years working at a beauty clinic, Drg Sabai decided to resign and tried to reach that dream. Fortunately, her concept of the dream clinic draws the attention and interest of a close relative. The relative then becomes the investor, and in 2012, iDentalCare was officially opened at Jl. Radio III, South Jakarta.

In forming the iDentalCare team, Drg. Sabai required dentists with high quality in ability and treatments, enough experience for them to be trusted by patients, and most importantly, having the exact same vision as her in treating their future patients. She recruited her classmates during college at the Dentistry Faculty of Prof. Dr. Moestopo University. Today, five of them has been a part of the iDentalCare family.

iDentalCare committed to give dental treatments, where the patients will have zero concerns. We provide a comfortable environment, as if you are treated by a best friend or a family member. We have the most qualified team, you will not be disappointed by the results. But the one thing you must remember, our service and treatment at iDentalCare are more affordable, you don’t have to worry about spending too much.