Meet the doctors!



Drg. Sabai Asmaraghrya

“Nothing makes me happier than hearing my patients say they’re pleased with the work I’ve done and that their appointment was relaxed and comfortable. Trough continuing education, I try to keep up with advances made in cosmetic dentistry. Its gratifying to see how it can transform a persons’ smile”



Drg. Lia Apriliyanti

“My largest motivation is patient satisfaction, striving to exceed your expectations until you are completely pleased with the outcome. My patient’s concerns, expectations and wishes are of utmost importance to me”



Drg. Sarah Gadrie

“The foundation of my relationship with my patients lies in my consultation. This allows me to create a treatment plan that is individualized and structured to fit their needs. My commitment has always been to help my patients achieve and maintain the smile they desire”




Drg. Meily Moranda Putri

“I feel fortunate to work in a position where I interact with people everyday. I strive to exceed your expectations so your smile is wide and shining bright all day long. The biggest compliment a patient can provide is their happy smile once treatment is completed”

Drg. Tika Dwinanda

“I strive to educate my patients on the importance of their dental health and provide the best dental care possible. It is a great feeling to see my patients happy and satisfied with the work I have performed”